1TRYBE is a different social media and content company.

We are a community of millennials who are charting a path forward to reclaim our lives — to feel more fulfilled, to make our lives more meaningful, and to make ourselves and our communities happier.

We know that our generation spends too much time ‘Liking’ and not nearly enough time living. We are more focused on growing ‘Followers’, than on growing friendships. That is why we created 1TRYBE: to help us wake up and live life. And to be the next great generation we are destined to become.

About the Founder

Successful serial entrepreneur and inventor, Ed Silansky, came out of retirement with one goal in mind: to create a safer and happier future for the next generation. Driven by his love for his two millennial daughters and an unwavering desire to leave behind a legacy that made a difference in communities everywhere, Ed created the idea for 1TRYBE. Once the framework was finished, he knew that he had to test the 1TRYBE vision with his intended audience, so he interviewed nearly 100 millennials from all walks of life and found that the idea was embraced by all. In July 2018, the vision became a reality, as Ed filed a patent for this AI-driven movement that is positioned to empower the next great generation. Today, the company is being guided by the 1TRYBE Council – more than a dozen millennials nationwide that are the driving force behind this movement, ensuring 1TRYBE is built by millennials, for millennials from the ground up. 1TRYBE will always be a project run and led by the younger generations it was designed for, as a way to equip the next leaders of this country and ensure they take ownership and find meaning in the world around them.


Dan Minea |

Originally a Minnesota kid, Dan packed up and moved out to Chicago to challenge government and business systems after his years studying advertising. After 3 years in his beloved city of Chicago, he has started building an ad agency and a charity. Inviting both the government and businesses to do more good, and do it more efficiently. In the free time, he loves soaking up podcasts, doing endurance-challenging efforts to raise funds for clean water in Africa, and hosting food around the fire and inviting everyone to the table.


Silvia Yantuche |

Silvia is originally from Guatemala and moved to Los Angeles 4 years ago. She is the youngest of 4 siblings, friendly and hardworking. She enjoys swimming, running and attending her college classes. She strives to find opportunities to learn something new every day. Silvia loves working hard and often finds herself joyfully juggling work, school and home life.


Sarah Harrington |

Sarah Harrington is a Midwest girl to her core who received her Bachelor’s in Advertising and Public Relations from Loyola University Chicago, and then decided to take a chance and move to Los Angeles. She is passionate about living life alongside people and seeking ways to create stronger and healthier communities. When Sarah isn’t at the beach you can find her with a hot cup of joe and a good read.


Tyler Green |

Tyler received his BA in marketing from Minnesota State-Mankato and currently resides in St. Paul, Minnesota. In his free time he likes to chill, watch movies or play video games, and go for an occasional hike when it’s not freezing outside.


Leslie Ricci | 

Leslie Ricci grew up as a dancer in Alexandria, VA. Her degree in Sociology has allowed her to work with many families as a professional nanny and also in the field of health and fitness, which is her true passion! When she does have a little time off, you can find er at the gym, Church, or a family gathering with her husband.


Christian Hansen | Chicago, IL

Christian was born and raised in the Midwest and moved up to Chicago for college. He then pursued a career in accounting/finance. He says his life consists of following Chicago sports, shenanigans with friends, and generally just being a dork.


Skye Silansky | Miami, FL

Skye is the daughter of the founder of 1Trybe. She has six years of sales and marketing experience in the tech and financial sectors. Recently she began her own freelance recruiting company to give her the freedom to travel, make music and be happy! You can find her on the beaches of Florida or in a recording studio.


Erika Mull |

Erika is a tried and true native Southern California girl who went to cosmetology school right out of high school. She went on to start a now 18-year-career in hair and make-up. About 6 years ago she opened her own salon in Los Angeles. She is married to her best friend/partner and they have 3 crazy kids that add all the zest to their lives they could wish for. She finds joy in getting to know people on a personal level and the sense of community and support that comes from working closely with amazing women every day.


Elijah Olige |

Elijah Olige is from Lexington, Kentucky. He is currently finishing his last semester of college at Loyola university Chicago (Go Blers!). When he is not diligently attending class, you can probably find him running around Chicago, or hanging out with his friends playing Spikeball, basketball, freeze tag, or even Simon Says.



Brian Majors |

Brian R. Majors, was born and raised in Los Angeles, and received a B.A. in Biblical Studies from LIFE Pacific College. He has worked in many different fields from Education to Aerospace and of course as a Minister. Brian cherishes family time, you can often find him at the park with is daughter Soleil and wife Carolina enjoying some fun in the sun.


Jessica Bass |

Jessica is born and raised in a small town in South Florida. She graduated from the University of Florida this past May with a bachelor’s in public relations. Her big city dreams and creative sprit prompted her to take a leap of faith, pack up and move to Los Angeles. She loves fashion, sports, beauty and everything in between. She is career-driven, motivated and ready to create a name for herself in the world. 



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